Who is behind Hawkeye Leadership?

Christopher Haacke is an authentic servant leader and succesful business owner and entrepreneur with a passion for helping people become the best version of themselves.

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Helping others is my passion.

Christopher has built and led highly effective sales teams throughout North America representing some of the largest CPG companies in the world. While serving in key leadership capacities as Senior Vice President, President and CEO, Chris has had an extraordinary record of sales and marketing success of keeping the team focused and on-target!

Christopher identified and developed a best-in-class 10 Component Sales Training Process for which he has won numerous awards, ranging from the coveted Acosta Chairman Award to the Hormel Health Labs Presidential Ring, with countless Broker of the Year Awards and achievements.

“Chris Haacke is an outstanding sales professional and manager.”

“He is all the things you would expect from a high-level sales manager; intelligent, hard-working, focused, driven, perceptive, strategic, and positive. What sets him apart from most other sales professionals is his character. Chris lives and works with very high standards for personal integrity.”

“In an industry where people often manipulate the truth to keep a client or employee happy, Chris has proven himself to be honest, fair, and accountable. I give him my highest recommendation and hope our paths cross again professionally soon.”

Jeff Joiner

Principal Trainer, Jeff Joiner Training


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Christopher will meet in-person with your senior leadership team to lead a 67-minute evaluation that will provide you with a picture of your team health. How effective is your team in recognizing, reviewing, and resolving the core issues, obstacles and challenges that may be holding the company back? If you are ready to explore how Hawkeye Leadership LLC can help your business achieve its fullest potential, contact Christopher today.