Christopher Haacke will assist you in getting your leadership team on the same page and working together with a common vision to help you get more out of your business.

Hawkeye Leadership LLC offers an effective, customizable Operating System to help you run your business more successfully.

Christopher Haacke can help you implement an effective, battle-tested, opertaing system that will enable your company to become wildly successful. Only with a highly effective operating system that defined structure, systems and processes; and having the right-people in the right seats doing the right things, was his success guaranteed. Christopher will share these disciplines and tools to help you achieve the success you envision.

Hawkeye Leadership LLC

Best-in-Class Sales Training Process

Christopher has built and led highly effective sales teams throughout North America representing some of the largest CPG companies in the world. While serving in key leadership capacities as Senior Vice President, President and CEO, Chris has had an extraordinary record of sales and marketing success!

Christopher identified and developed a best-in-class 10 Component Sales Training Process for which he has won numerous awards, ranging from the coveted Acosta Chairman Award to the Hormel Health Labs Presidential Ring, with countless Broker of the Year Awards and achievements.

Whether you have a sales force of two or two hundred, Christopher can help them become sales professionals!

Hawkeye Leadership LLC

Sales Coach Training

Not only has the Hawkeye Leadership LLC Sales Process enabled Christopher to be a top sales professional within the organizations he has served, but it has also provided sales management the necessary tools to build and lead effective sales teams in the field.

Christopher often echoes one of his former mentors, Gerry Layo, the founder of Sales Coach International, who said,

“To truly build sales, leaders must build sales people. When you build a team of professional sales people, the sales will follow.”

Christopher has taken 30 years of succesful sales coach training and broken it down into a few key elements to transform any sales manager into a highly organized and effective leader-mentor-coach who can identify, recruit, build and lead a highly successful team of sales professionals in the field.

Chris can speak to audiences of all sizes.

Christopher Haacke, a sought after

Keynote/Guest Speaker

Christopher Haacke is an invigorating thought-leader able to enage an audience of any size on a wide-variety of topics from servant-leadership to team building! Drawing from his successful entrepreneurial journey, and fatherhood of eight, Christopher will certainly offer a unique perspective filled with fascinating facts and entertaining anecdotal experiences.

His most popular talks include:

Leadership: “They” are you!”

Teamwork: “Vision shared by all.”

Overcoming Adversity: “Attitude-Mindset and Finish Lines!”

Happiness: “What is your Passion?”

Excellence: “Rising above mediocrity.”

Christopher is a prolific speech writer and can custom-script a talk based on the subject matter or theme you request. Call Christopher today to explore your needs for a Keynote or Guest Speaker today.

“Chris has high integrity and always puts his customers, clients and peoples needs first.”

“I have known Chris for over 20 years as both a business client and as a friend. Chris has an authentic leadership style highlighted by his unique ability to drive positive business results and also build a team culture where people come first. He displays several professional skills including excellent business acumen, strategic thinking, strong interpersonal skills, work ethic, responsible, accountable, and is a great listener.”

“Chris has high integrity and always puts his customers, clients and peoples needs first. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Chris again in the future. I highly recommend Chris and was excited to learn about his newest career challenge; I have no doubt he will be successful and be a positive contributor to his new clients!”

Tom Rupkey

Vice President–North America Foodservice Sales
High Liner Foods


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