What people are saying...

“Chris has high integrity and always puts his customers, clients and peoples needs first.”

“I have known Chris for over 20 years as both a business client and as a friend. Chris has an authentic leadership style highlighted by his unique ability to drive positive business results and also build a team culture where people come first. He displays several professional skills including excellent business acumen, strategic thinking, strong interpersonal skills, work ethic, responsible, accountable, and is a great listener.”

“Chris has high integrity and always puts his customers, clients and peoples needs first. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Chris again in the future. I highly recommend Chris and was excited to learn about his newest career challenge; I have no doubt he will be successful and be a positive contributor to his new clients!”

Tom Rupkey

Vice President–North America Foodservice Sales
High Liner Foods

“Chris Haacke is an outstanding sales professional and manager.”

“He is all the things you would expect from a high-level sales manager; intelligent, hard-working, focused, driven, perceptive, strategic, and positive. What sets him apart from most other sales professionals is his character. Chris lives and works with very high standards for personal integrity.”

“In an industry where people often manipulate the truth to keep a client or employee happy, Chris has proven himself to be honest, fair, and accountable. I give him my highest recommendation and hope our paths cross again professionally soon.”

Jeff Joiner

Principal Trainer, Jeff Joiner Training

Chris stands head and shoulders above many other professionals.”

“I highly recommend Chris Haacke to anyone who’s looking for a professional with industry and technical expertise. Chris has always impressed me with his professionalism, passion and his ability to get to what’s really important. When you combine that with his dedication to stay on top of technology and always be at his best, Chris stands head and shoulders above many other professionals. I highly recommend working with Chris!”

Steve Turner

Technology Simplified & Optimized. Do More. Work Less.
Speaker | Trainer | Coach | Consultant

Chris is truly a class act.”

“Chris always delivers on what he promises and has stellar leadership skills.”

Gino Wickman

Author of Traction,
Creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS),
and Entrepreneurial Leap

“Chris is a DOER and takes action!”

“I had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Chris Haacke in the development of training curriculum and in-depth content for a training portal in his organization. Hands down, Chris is one of the best and most disciplined, focused leaders that I have met. The commitment that it takes to tackle a project such as that as LEAD it through to completion is rare.”

“In addition, Chris is a DOER and takes action! I work with thousands of managers and leaders through my training every year and, although it is sad to say, most do not see new initiatives through to the end. Chris does! A rare find in today’s business world.”

Gerry Layo

Sales Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Author
Sales Coach International

Chris is one of the most effective and motivational leaders I have worked with.”

“I had the opportunity to work with Chris at Acosta. He is a great leader of people and has tremendous skills in areas of training, business development, and the ability to deliver bottom line results. He is clearly one of the most effective and motivational leaders I have worked with.”

Dan Rodenbush


“I highly recommend Chris as a strong & strategic leader.”

“I have had the opportunity to work hand in hand, side by side with Chris for over ten years. Chris was a vital and integral member of our Wolff Group Leadership Team. Chris assisted us to develop our Core Values, Core Focus, Long & short term strategy & plan, as well as marketing strategy. Chris is a proven leader, focused and executed a plan and delivers the desired results, consistently.”

“At Acosta Chris helped us to deliver consistently our financial results for the Midwest Region as well as exceeding sales plans. I highly recommend Chris as a strong & strategic leader.”

Stu Wolff

Business Coach, Certified EOS Implementer
Detroit Chair at TIGER 21


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